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OFSR Professional Development and Learning Management Office

The OFSR Professional Development and Learning Management Office, formerly University Training and Development, is expanding last year's CUNY Professional Development Program to include courses for administrative professionals and non-managerial professional employees as well as managers and supervisors.

Managerial and Supervisory Certificate Programs

CUNY managers and supervisors may take courses leading toward certificate programs designed to equip them with 21 St century managerial competencies and supervisory techniques. The managerial and supervisory certificate programs require the completion of three core courses and three elective courses within a three year period. Certificate courses also are open to CUNY managers and supervisors who do not wish to complete a certificate program. CUNY challenges will be incorporated into the design of each course.

The three core courses for the Supervisors Certificate Program (SCP) are Fundamentals of Supervision, Supervising Challenging Employees, and Managerial Leadership. The three core courses for the Managers Certificate Program (MCP) are Dynamics of Management, Performance Management, and Leading for Excellence. The foundation courses for these certificates, Fundamentals of Supervision (SCP) and Dynamics of Management (MCP), must be taken before the other core courses. Assessments taken during the foundation courses will assist participants in determining their elective courses. Elective courses for these certificates consist of one communications course and two additional managerial or supervisory courses. Eligible courses from last year's CUNY Professional Development Program will count toward completion of the certificates.

Administrative Certificate Programs

Administrative staff may take Professional Development Program courses at CUNY that lead toward completion of the New York City Citywide Training Center's Administrative Professionals Certificate (APC). To qualify for the APC, administrative professionals must take three designated office management "core" courses, one communications course, and one approved technology course within a two-year period. Two of the core courses, Effective Office Management for Today's Workplace and Managing Multiple Priorities, and one of the recommended communications courses, Successful Workplace Communications, will be offered at CUNY locations.

Courses for Non-managerial Staff

Courses to enhance personal productivity, communications, and diversity awareness also will be provided for various job groups in this year's Program. Some of the courses to be presented include: Basic Project Management, Break-Through Thinking, Cross-Cultural Communication, Managing the Challenges of Change, Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout, Resolving Conflict: A Leadership Approach, and Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Effective Leadership.

Training Costs

The University charges approximately $60 per person per day of training for most Professional Development Program courses. The exceptions are the technology courses for which a $10 per participant materials fee is changed. Specific course costs are indicated in the Course Schedule.


To register, employees must call Valerie Kelly to enroll in a course. You may reach her at 212-772-4512 or at

Last updated on 3/28/10 .