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Room E1510
Becky Pierre
Property Manger

The Property Management Office at Hunter College inventories all (State, Research Foundation, and Non-Tax Levy funded) movable equipment and property in accordance with CUNY requirements. Property Management works with the Accounts Payable and Purchasing Departments to confirm the delivery and receipt of inventorial equipment.  The CUNY threshold for inventorial equipment or property is $1,000 for technological-related equipment such as computers and $5,000 for all other equipment or furniture.  Hunter’s internal policy requires that all computers are tagged regardless of the cost.  The Property Management Office conducts quarterly reconciliations and an annual physical inventory of tagged equipment each March.  Departments are requested to be available so that Property Management may access tagged equipment during the time of delivery and during inventory periods. 

Property Management works closely with Environmental Health, Facilities, ICIT, and Public Safety and Security to safeguard movable equipment from unauthorized use or disposition. ICIT ensures that sensitive student and staff data and other confidential information are removed from the hard drives of PCs.  Environmental Health ensures that potentially toxic material is disposed of properly.   In order to ensure an accurate inventory, please report all changes in the status and location of equipment or furniture to Property Management.

Disposal Policy Guidelines



This property management control form documents all of the necessary information that may be needed to discard, cannibalize, obsolete, and transfer equipment or furniture. This form also denotes if the equipment is being exchanged, was lost, traded or was stolen. All information on this form must be filled out and signed by the Head of your Department. If the disposition type checked requires that the Facilities Department remove the equipment, please have them sign and date this disposition form as proof or proper disposal.

Property Management Control Form

PC HARD DRIVE CERTIFICATION FORM                                                   top

This property management control form certifies that all Hunter College Data and licensed software has been removed from the hard drive(s) of the PC(s). This form must be signed by the person who is using the computer and by the person with expertise regarding PC hard drives (i.e. Technical Staff from ICIT).

Property Management Control Form


This property management control form certifies that the Hunter College fixed asset(s) is/are obsolete or no longer useful and will be discarded. This form must be signed by the person using the fixed asset(s), the person responsible for the fixed asset(s), and the person with expertise regarding the fixed asset(s), (i.e. Tech from ICIT for computers or the Science Lab Director for science equipment).

Property Management Control Form

OFF CAMPUS EQUIPMENT REMOVAL                                                       top

To comply with The City University of New York rules and regulations regarding taking property off-campus and ensure the care, preservation and proper use of all equipment on or off-campus, the following policy should be followed:

  • A. Hunter College property cannot be removed from the campus without specific written permission from the proper official and the Property Management Office and Security Department.

  • B. When a faculty member, staff member or student needs to take property off-campus, the following requirements must be met:

    • 1. The Property moved to an off-campus location must be solely used for Hunter College purposes.

    • 2. If an individual removes property from Hunter College, he/she assumes the responsibility for the proper care, transportation and safe return of the equipment in the original condition.

  • C. A Letter For Off Campus Equipment Removal must be completed by the department.

  • D. Once the reason for taking the equipment off-campus has ceased, the property must be returned to the original College location unless an extended period is specifically approved. Extended approvals shall be limited to the current fiscal year and must be renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year (July – June). In addition, at the time of the college’s physical inventory process, all property must be returned to the original location so it can be inventoried.

  • E. In the event of an extended absence or termination of employment of the individual who has the equipment off-campus, the property must be returned to the College prior to separation.

  • F. All property removed from the college is subject to immediate recall anytime.